GGLC custom ELISE t-shirt

GGLC custom ELISE t-shirt


GGLC Original design #2. Custom Elise Tshirt. The shirt is a sport grey Gildan heavy cotton in womans, mens and kids sizes. The design color is up to you. My first Elise was magnetic blue! Lucky me, I get to make myself a red, yellow, green and purple too! What color is your Elise?? Ill do my best to match it :).

Size adult or youth Tshirt
Custom Color Elise
  • Caring for your vinyl decorated tshirt

    I find it best to turn the shirt inside out and wash but honestly, I have lots of these vinyl decorated tshirts and I rarely have a problem just throwing them in the washer and dryer on my regular settings. The thicker designs can be bulky so if they wrinkle just throw them back in the dryer to warm it up and let the wrinkles out. . 

  • Special requests

    If you have a color Elise not listed or would like a different type of tshirt please send a message to and Ill take care of it for you. 

  • Return Policy

    If something goes wrong with your design, anything, just shoot me a message and I will fix it. Cracks, peels, fades, doesnt fit, you hate it, doesnt look like the picture..anything, just let me know and I'll be happy to refund or replace your item. On the flip side.. tell me if you love it too!

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